dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

we meet along the way

How far we travel
in life
matters far less
than those we meet 
along the way
I love blogging since
the first day I started
Visiting other blogs
is so inspiring
I am so happy
when you leave me
a comment
along the way
can be magic !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my dear, dear Francis,

    First of all, this is a wonderful post. It is SO TRUE...the people that I have met along the way of this journey have meant more to me than anything. Blogging is a great source of helping discover YOUR OWN talents, interests and inspirations, but beyond that, it is the relationships that develop. Blogging is like the old fashioned pen pal system...although that beautiful art of actually WRITING a letter is lost (not chez toi...oh no....you WRITE the most beautiful letters!) BUT humans need to be CONNECTED and this way, we get to meet people that we would NEVER EVER be able to meet! SO, I am so glad that you are in my life dearest friend! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME; this morning, the storms are also here with us dear one. There is thunder and lightening and strong winds. I start my teacher meetings next Monday and so this week, I am staying home to enjoy what little summer is left!

    NOW, you saw my Miss Clara video!! ISN'T HER WORLD SO BEAUTIFUL? I had the pleasure of writing to her and receiving several responses! Oh, let the magic continue dear one and love to you and your family! Anita

  2. Morning dear friend....oh how I hope Mr. Postman brings you that magazine soon! Keeping my fingers crossed.
    It is a rainy wet day here too...perfect for some inside work...cleaning and baking day.
    I must say your post is so true my friend...so many lovely people to meet here on the computer...I would be lost without my faithful friends that keep me going and leave me happy notes each day.
    Hugs ....

  3. I have me the kindest, warmest people here in blogland. Including you my dear!
    Have a blessed day~