woensdag 24 juli 2013

aujourd'hui dites OUI !


I realy need
this today .
who knows
I could even be 
when I practice this 

I hope 
you have some
really wonderful
waiting for you
when you try it out

a second before
you are to say NO
out of a habit 
the NO into YES

I dare you !

to me it will be therapeutic
because I feel like NO
all over 

but hey 
who knows 
is always 
a better idea


7 opmerkingen:

  1. YES - OUI - SI!

    If it means to venture out into a creative endeavor that involves risking your talents to be critiqued....YES! If it means to try something new that will challenge your mental capacity? _OUI! And if you are learning more about your strengths in the middle of what you may perceive as weakness, then by all means, SAY YES! You can do it, we all can my dear. It only takes trying. Remember, you have many people close by and far over the ocean who care. Anita

  2. My dear and wonderful friend....

    I DO FOLLOW YOU! That is the beauty of language. Language is not just composed of words, but of compassion, and the ability to listen with the mind and understanding of this one thing: THAT WE ALL KNOW PAIN.

    From that point on, no matter what the language or other "barriers" we may have, we can rest assured that patience and listening are the beginning to understanding. I LOVE how you said to say "YES" to the "NO." I "get it" - I understand......J'Y PIGE!

    Physical pain is unbearable. I pray that there will be a day soon that you will be relieved of it, but I KNOW with all my strength that you are working each day to LIVE with it and use it to find THE BIGGER PICTURE....I have faith that you will find it, and when you do, you will write about it, effectively.

    Big hugs to mijn vriendin, Anita

  3. When you feel like a NO so Yes is definetly in order ahahah

    And in French - OUI - reminds us that lovely and romantic movie and the quote "we'll always have Paris" so OUI is definetly in order.


  4. I was sitting here thinking of a thousand excuses of why I didn't need to paint my dresser today.

    But, you have encouraged me to say "oui" and just do it.

    Like sky-blu-pink, I usually say yes, but the last couple of days I have been saying no - NO MORE!

  5. My wonderful friend,

    Nothing beautiful ever just comes to us. We have to search for it, like one might follow the shadows and then find the "real thing." But eventually, like you said, IT WILL COME. But the answers come in due time, don't they!

    Thank you for coming by to leave a message. SO KIND OF YOU! Anita