zaterdag 13 juli 2013


I have been avoiding
all the signs
from Blogger
that CHANGE was coming up

more and more
blogs showed
in their sidebar
and I
I waited 
and hey
I am good in postponing .

this morning 
I thought 
I ask google for help
and I asked
and there it was 
a you tube movie
karin joan
explaining all about bloglovin

Oh how I love 
the internet 

I have to admit 
it took me quite some time
and I watched the movie
several times
most of all 
I had to stay 
and not give up 
and finally
the tool is on my sidebar

That's it for today 
I feel like passing an important examination
I am allowed 
to the next year .....
at least 
I did it all
on my own 

and I cannot believe 
how far I have come !

happy weekend 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh how you have such a beautiful style of writing my friend, even when you are explaining about something TECHNICAL! Yes, we ALL have come a long way, and thanks to each other, we can make daily successes.

    HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY (I so wish we could speak to each other!) Anita

  2. I have followed you by Bloglovin so won't miss any of your lovely posts Francis!

  3. My dear and wonderful friend....

    To see your comment and visit really makes my morning! Our "wild" and "precious" lives are what we are born with, what we make of them, and what we leave behind. Not everyone's life is public, not all are "sensational" but how we deal with what we have, with who we are. You are SO BRAVE to write about your impressions and what is important to you....never, ever forget that! MUCH LOVE TO YOU FRANCIS! Anita

  4. step at a time my friend. WE can do anything we put our minds too...just don't give up.
    Sometimes it takes me a long time to figure things out...and the easy way is to ask someone to do it for me...but then I will never learn...we MUST keep on learning {our minds can turn to mush if we don't}
    Hugs to you my friend for a wonderful evening...we are starting our day here in Canada...and the SUN is shining! xoxo