woensdag 30 maart 2011

* * By surprise * *


I love colours .

I'm always admiring the all-white interiors


My couch is RED !



has been my favourite colour

for a long time

and than

all of a sudden

my life was upsidedown


I noticed I began to like



Now there's red all around

White also

but I love my RED's


4 opmerkingen:

  1. GOEDE MORGEN MIJN LIEVE FRANCIS! Oh, now I bet your couch is simply divine in red! I so love your RED POLKA DOTTED CUP!!!! I look great in red but I have NOTHING in my home décor in that fabulous color. All blue and white and gray...so lovely. NOW, you mentioned this mouse artist..I MUST GO SEE HER! I was introduced by mouse folk by THE DUTCHESS, a marvelous friend and artist from your side of the world. She illustrates MISS MOUSSIE and she inspired me to draw a fellow by the name of Tea RAT. You can catch a glimpse of him on the blog NOWHERE...it is a team blog and everyone contributes their own photos or drawings, but you will know my work by the drawings of TEA RAT and RATTUS. I will go to visit this mouse-maker. THANK YOU FRANCIS for your sweet friendship and kindness; it means the world to me dearest! GROETJES, Anita

  2. your blog is so beautiful
    i love all the images on the sidebar
    i come here to breathe in the pretties!

  3. Morning sweet friend {or happy evening to you all the way in the Netherlands}

    Thank you for your sweet note today...my back is still giving me trouble...so much I wanted to do this week...oh well maybe it is just as well I take this time. I am not sure how you do it...I can understand your frustration and not being able to be with your sweet students. You must be such a wonderful teacher....just to think of teacups in your classroom delights me to no end.

    My Molly is in Norway and has been very sick the last few days...which as a mom worries me to death. I am sure she will be fine but I will not be sleeping well until she is feeling better.

    I sent a little something your way yesterday....hope it does not take too long to get to you . Plus got your sweet little Spring wish yesterday ...what a lovely lovely surprise...thank you my friend.

    Now have a great evening and sleep well! Wish I could pop over and have a cup of tea in your garden.

    Hugs oxoxoxox

    p.s....red is one of my favourites lately too...LOVE this happy colour.

  4. Hi Francis!
    It's getting late here... my day was so long at work. Work+ a baby shower I was in charge of today...
    Finally, I am with my feet up and a cuppa tea.
    I love red! I have more muted tones in my home, but red is in my closet!
    I read Victoria's comment above... I feel the same way visiting here ~
    you blog gets lovelier and lovelier!
    Wishing you well, Francis... hoping your back gets better each day too ♥