donderdag 10 maart 2011


My coffee
and I
we always need a mug !
Love mugs

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Coffee always tastes much better in a gorgeous mug!

  2. Hi Francis!
    I love my mugs too! {Teacups are so pretty and delicate too, and I enjoy using one when my teapot is full ... lots of 'refills' to enjoy}
    But my morning mug is big and not too heavy!
    Love this BIG COFFEE LOVIN' MUG of yours!
    *red = a favorite color too*
    ~happy Friday~

  3. Oh my I love this tea and milk is always in a huge mug....nothing like wrapping your hands around a nice hot mug.

    Just treated myself to some new Cath Kidston mugs...they make me HAPPY!

    Sending you some BIG LOVE today sweet one.


  4. Goedemorgen Francis,
    Ik hou van de rood/witte beker.
    Mooi groot.
    Kun je lekker lang van genieten.
    Ik wens je alvast een goed weekend.
    PS. Wacht nog op je adres voor het versturen
    van de februarigadget!
    Lieve groet met hart&ziel van Sil

  5. such a precious memory you have brought back to me, my mom used to say the same thing, "coffee always tastes so much better out of a pretty mug" **sigh**