zondag 27 maart 2011

* SUN * day






I bless my capacity to hear the world around me.

My physical sense of sound

connects me to the world.

The rippling sound of water ,

the hushed whisper of the wind ,

the sigh of my lover's breath.

the sweet sound of a Sunday choir

All these and moere

are gifts to me.

I focus on the sounds

my hearing brings to me.

I learn discernment and compassion

from the tones I encounter and respond to.

My hearing is acute and accurate.

I am able to respond with delicacy

to the subtle undercurrents

revealed to me through sound.


I love to read sunday morning

when the world is still quiet.


This morning my favorite book


by Julia Cameron


I woke up and felt sad

my back is still rubbish

and so I cannot go where I want

I cannot do what I want

I miss my work

I miss the children


Than I read today about hearing

That I can !


so cheer up girl

the sun is shining


this will be a good day

I'm sure


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Vast en zeker wordt dit een mooie dag! Ik ben er ook zeker van.
    Mooie log schreef je! Passend bij mijn zondagsgevoel, dank je!

  2. Mijn lieve Francis, I so understand!!!!! I have been having pain in my lower back and leg, and I believe I hurt myself while lifting....but LISTENING to the silence is actually something I posted about a couple of weeks ago. THE SILENCE is where we hear ETERNITY speak....enjoy, rest and be well my dear, new friend. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!!

    VEEL KUSJES, Anita

  3. Oh sweet friend...praying for your back today. I can so relate to you as my back has decided it wants to be naughty as well. Didn't help that I came home yesterday and rearrange my furniture. Sending you ooodles of love ...enjoy that sunshine and your lovely book...heal my sweet friend. xoxoxoxox hugs

  4. Precious Francis, Oooohhhh! I am FREE AS A BIRD THIS WEEK! And I will be so excited to see a package flying my way....sooooo sweet! ENJOY YOUR DAY PRECIOUS FRIEND! Anita

  5. Morning sweet Friend....hope your day was filled with Sunshine. Today I am trying to think of things to do with a sore back...any ideas? It seems to have settled in.
    My daughter Molly has just arrived in Norway...I am so excited for her. Wish I could be there. She has one week of visiting and then off to Sweden to school.

    Hugs and love for a wonderful evening my sweet friend. xoxoxo