dinsdag 15 maart 2011

strike a light

and the Thousand Cranes
Is the title
of a beautiful 48-page picture-book
Sadako Sasaki
She was 12 years old
ten years after
the atom bombing of Hiroshima
in WorldWar II
Unfortunately she had to be hospitalized
when she developed leukimia
from the effects of radiation
She remembered the Japanese Legend
that anyone folding a thousand paper cranes
is granted A WISH
She set about this task with great hope for recovery
but her health held out only long enough
to complete
We can do all kinds of things
folding paper cranes
strike a little light
or pray

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Graag gedaan Francis!
    In het kader van "strike a little light" kijk donderdag op mijn blog. Dezelfde gedachten!
    Lieve groet met hart&ziel van Sil.

  2. I've heard that somewhere before, about the 1000 paper cranes. An art project in New York I think. Probably this story was the inspration. I think your matches were the perfect thing to go along with this post. Lots of little prayers are needed these days.

  3. Such a lovely post my sweet friend....I so agree with you. xoxoxo

  4. HALLO MIJN VRIENDIN! Dearest Francis, I am so very, very pleased to meet you! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME TODAY. I have very dear blog friends in the Netherlands and am very happy to meet you. Your comments are so sweet, and your blog is just charming dearest. I am following you and I see that you have the whimsey and love for little mice!!!! SO DO I! Do you know THE DUTCHESS? She is my dear ZUSTER and she has mice in her blog world too.....I cannot wait to see more of your lovely world. Please come back and let's be friends. Anita

  5. Lieve Francis, I tried adding you to my blog list, but it did not work! And then I tried joining your blog, but that did not work! I want to see when you post next, but I have no way of adding you! I will try again, Anita