donderdag 24 maart 2011

how do you see the world today

A wonderful sunny day overhere
How lucky I am
The world looks bright and light
in my garden
Dreams are the window
of the soul
Send some sunshine
to all of you
where-ever you are

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh doe mij die rose bril maar.....hier geen zon te zien....en toch wil ik het door een rose bril zien vandaag ;0)
    Fijne lente dag

    Zend me maar wat straaltjes ;0)

  2. FRANCIS!!! I just happened to see my comments here from my work computer! Oh, I DID NOT receive an email from you!!! Here is my email address:

    TRY ME AGAIN! I will be occupied this afternoon in my classroom, but I will watch for your message!! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR VISITING ME DEAR, NEW FRIEND! Anita

  3. Hi Francis!
    Love these summery colors! they are also my favorite coffee shop's colors!
    I ordered a French Vanilla today ♥
    Happy weekend!
    ps. I received your card... so sweet of you!
    The birdie is in my classroom to keep me company while at work!
    *thank you!

  4. Leuk, die rode en paarse zonnebril.
    Het lijkt de Red Hat Society wel:-)
    Dank voor je leuke commentaar op mijn blog!

  5. FRANCIS!!! I just emailed you...I hope you can make the connection. Here is mine again:

    That is it and it should work, but I did email you, and I hope you get it!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT AGAIN; I will be posting again either tonight or tomorrow morning! Oh how those little mice on your side bar make me smile! Today is my last day at school before I have an entire WEEK OFF FOR SPRING BREAK!!!! I want to explore blogland and your world more! VEEL KUSJES MIJN VRIENDIN!!!! Anita

  6. Hi sweet friend...sounds like another perfect day in your garden. I am so wanting it to be sunny here at my moms and dad..only rain. That is ok as it is girls and lunch! We leave tomorrow for home...will miss my mom and dad. Hugs and love for a great Friday. xoxo