dinsdag 12 april 2011

dutch .........


Cheese from Holland


I missed my cheese

most of all

loosing weight .


All deliscious treats with sugar


to let go


But my cheese

Oh me Oh my ...


My daughter left to return to France

where she works and lives

but she took a lot of dutch cheese

to France


Today I enjoy my cheese !

The sugars can wait

says my weight !


lovely sunshine


and the most beautiful


this morning

all the way

to you ?


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, I am catching your rainbow my sweet friend! AND CHEESE? Oh, I cannot eat it anymore! LACTOSE INTOLERANT!!!!! But I bet the Dutch cheeses are just marvelous....my TEA RAT loves cheese...go see him at NOWHERE. You can get that blog from my sidebar. See my drawings of Tea Rat in his Easter bonnet. He is a cheese lover to the end! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR REACHING YOUR GOAL...a little bite of cheese won't hurt...just WALK A LOT after you eat some!!!!! BIG HUGS DEAREST, Anita

  2. i love cheese
    it would be a difficult
    thing for me to give up.
    hang in there
    congrats on your weight loss.
    thank you for the rainbow :D

  3. Good morning sweet friend..I will be praying that your CT scan results are good and you will have wonderful news about your health.

    Thank you for visiting me. Your words are always so filled with encouragement! Has something arrive in your postbox yet?

    Oh and cheese ....yes.. I love cheese too my friend.

    hugs xoxoxo

  4. Oh mijn moeder neemt altijd lekkere kaas mee voor me, als ze op vacantie komt. + de pindakaas. Sommige dingen zijn onmisbaar!

  5. Hi Francis!
    I do hope this little note here finds you feeling better and with a good prognosis!
    I know what it feels like lately to be denying oneself of such treats! I'm on a countdown to lose some weight before summer begins. I need to shed those holiday cookies and cupcakes!
    I miss baking and delicious pasta!
    I'm using the weight watchers point system.
    Right now, I'm craving a bowl of popcorn!
    Well, I'll go brew more tea instead!
    *blessings to you, Francis!
    Have a happy day Wednesday~

  6. GOEDE MORGEN MIJN FRANCIS! How are you today? Just coming by to greet my dear friend. Anita