dinsdag 5 april 2011

Spring and flowers


These are my favourites



I love to put them in my little vases



Small but beautiful


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  1. Mine too my friend...I love them and pansies!

    Thank you for your sweet note this morning...did I tell you I teach at a school that has mainly dutch families...isn't that funny! Well our school is full of blonde hair dutch children that wear orange if any national sport event is happening...like world cup soccer..orange..orange ..orange! So it is a little piece of the Netherlands in Canada and I am lucky to teach there.

    This week I will be home as my back is not doing so well...off to get some therapy on it so hoping that may help. I have found out sitting is very bad...so will have to try to stand all day again.

    Sending you oodles of love for today...hope you are feeling well and the sun is out!

    xoxoxoxo Hugs

  2. i love pansies...
    when i was a kid
    my grandma called
    them 'monkey faces'
    i think because each
    had the 2 small
    (eye) petals and
    then the larger petal
    for the mouth...
    anyway...they are a
    favorite of mine.
    happy week sweet friend


    I am home now from work, so happy to have found a sweet gift...go to your email and see.....and look at these violets; oh dear friend, how I wish to see the flowers pop up around me. But our weather has some catching up to do. Your world is so lovely, and I know that Saskia and other Dutch friends have been enjoying such lovely weather....sending you a hug for being YOU!!!! Anita

  4. Just popping over to take a breath of fresh, spring flower scent! HAVE A GREAT DAY DEAREST! Anita