zaterdag 16 april 2011

very dutch !


oh oh oh

My "just-look-don't-eat-diet"

will be difficult

next 30 april .





The whole country



and almost every-one

eats this kind of treats .


They are called



very yummie

only on this day

decorated in orange


I look today and every other day

until 30 april

so I'll be strong enough to resist them .


I'm still not where I wish to be

but I'm already very glad ........


So I keep this diet

and just look


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my sweet and darling friend FRANCIS! YOUARE SOOOOO ADORABLE! I like your LOOK-DON'T-EAT diet! It is O.K. dearest to just look and even smell! The yearning to eat it goes away with a couple of whiffs...believe me, I KNOW! I was once 160 lbs and now I am 118!! YOU CAN DO IT...but what a pretty dessert!!!! You Dutch friends, you are so much fun, ALL OF YOU! I am loving my mouse. She is so cute and has many friends surrounding her!

    Have a wonderful day; come by to put your toes in the sea water.....I just posted. Anita

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have people to love and who even love you back? Love never, ever runs out. NEVER!!!!


  3. That's girlpower. Well done! I love orange...
    And ONLY on this day I wear a little someting in this colour. And BLACK of course. Wish you lots of
    strenght to recist all the orange-sweetness. Greetings with hear&soul from Sil.

  4. What fun ....these look amazing...and orange. I am so proud of you for resisting such yummy treats...I don't think I could.

    How was your Sat. my friend? Rainy and wet here. My daughter has her ballet exam..grade 6 so we all are very anxious today.

    Hugs and love to you!!!!! Has Mr. Mailman brought you anything yet from my little corner of the world?