vrijdag 8 april 2011



I have learned

something new

about FOOD



just watching

can be satisfying too


There are so many

of you


deliscious treats


and I watch and enjoy


that's brought me

where I am now

feeling much better

loosing weight


Maybe I can be

a new



Making beautiful books

with amazing food

just to look


I'm not done yet

but when I am

I'm going to get

this amazing chocolate-dream


Not to look at

but tasting and eating

and enjoying

for real


4 opmerkingen:

  1. i enjoy looking here :o) your blog is so sweet and pretty ❤

    warm hugs x


  2. Fijn dat je afgevallen bent. Ik ben ook aan het lijnen maar er is pas 5 kilo af. Nog 5 te gaan.
    Voor mij zit er dus ook niets anders op dan alleen maar te kijken:-)

  3. Francis!!!!! Oh, dearest, I SO AGREE! Many years ago, I got heavy but then started to do what you are mentioning here; it works!! Smelling food as well works! Smelling the food actually takes care of that urge to eat and then you are fine. How proud you must be of yourself dearest! AND REMEMBER to eat FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLE! Concentrate on eating MORE of those foods. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP and for coming over today. I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOUR CLASSROOM! I sent you an email....I was at school when I sent you the email. So your daughters are in France!!!! I was looking at a map of the Netherlands today and you are so lucky to be near other countries! We have Canada, not to far from us, but I have never been there. Well my dear, Little Miss MOUSE is safely in my home, loving her new environment, and I will take a picture this weekend of her!!!!

    Have a great evening my friend, Anita

  4. Gefeliciteerd met het afvallen!! Dat kan lastig zijn, maar het is je aan het lukken!! Bij mij gebeurde het automatisch toen in de 'green smoothies' begon te maken. Mijn lichaam veel gelukkiger.En als ik honger/trek heb, neem ik een grote glas groente+fruit shake! Werkt goed!