zaterdag 2 april 2011



Just something delicious

sharing with you


the weather is beautiful



and it's weekend


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  1. MERCI MON AMIE! DANK U MIJN VRIENDIN!!! Our weather is splendid as well....sunny but chilly, but I will take the sun any day! HAPPY SATURDAY! Anita

  2. these look amazing! Thank you for sharing...have a good day.

  3. mmmmm lekker lieve Francis, geniet van je weekend!


    Oh, you are so kind and gentle! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ACCOLADES AND GENEROSITY of sweet words. I wish my blog was a magazine! I think I could easily be a magazine editor or designer or writer! I will pretend that my blog is a magazine, because I just want to share pretty things.

    Yes dearest, I did make that bird wand! PAPER MÂCHÉ! And I am making a miniature one for one of the ladies that I am celebrating with..shhhhh! teeeeheeeee

    I love to create with my hands. I love birds. I love blue....just like YOU, Koralee, Saskia and some other dear I will put your name in for a chance to WIN!!! You are such a fun friend and I am so glad to have met you.

    Well my friend, how is the weather chez toi? We had a PERFECT DAY YESTERDAY! We still wore our winter coats out yesterday, but realized that we did not need them. Today however, as I sit here at 5:30am, it is still dark outside and BLUSTERY with much wind. In our city and part of the United States, it is cold for a long time of the year. But it is ever so beautiful here.

    I send you my fondest wishes for a super day!!! Anita

  5. Those look very yummy!! Chocolate is always so good!

    Have a great week!
    xoxo Gloria

  6. Precious Francis,

    YOU WERE A TEACHER? I AM ONE RIGHT NOW!!!! It sounds as if you had a lovely classroom, with a garden?

    TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR CAREER; I am a fourth grade FRENCH teacher!!!! Anita

  7. Merci pout cette note gourmande.

    Belle journée