donderdag 14 april 2011



still just looking


My just-looking-diet

is amazing


looking without guilt

is so wonderful


I find the most deliscious images

on inspiring blogs


take a look at


enjoy your treats !


5 opmerkingen:

  1. My sweet and precious friend, I missed your last post! I was so busy with school that I MISSED IT! AND LOOK AT THIS FAB DIET OF YOURS! What a brilliant idea to LOOK and not touch! WHAT BEAUTY LIES THEREIN! How are you precious Francis? Your world is so bright and beautiful!!!! MUCH HAPPINESS TO YOU, Anita

  2. oh these are too cute...
    i love to visit here sweet friend
    your blog just oozes happiness :D

  3. Die zijn vrolijk ;0)
    Fijne dag

  4. Oh my friend happy to hear you were out and about with your bike...that must have been wonderful...what a blessing you can ride your bike.

    Well I just woke up to SNOW! can you believe is all over the much..i am almost thinking it is a snow day at school today. But no...the students must go. I am planning on going back tomorrow..though today I woke up with much discomfort again.

    Have a great day and I am sending you oodles of prayers for a good result with your scan! I think of you always.


  5. Wat een vrolijkheid! En ik hoop dat de uitslag van de scan je gerust zal stellen.
    Hartelijke groet,