maandag 27 juni 2011

happy blue

Long hot summer
started today
How wonderful !
When I was young
we lived near the beach .
5 minutes walk ......
So all summer
we were ON the beach.
me , my brother , my 3 little sisters
my mother ( father had to work...)
and always friends an family.
all we had
was each other
the sand and the water
Towels of course
and lots of sandwiches
Happy memories

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh such happy Summer memories....when my children where younger we lived in a beach community and everyday that is where you could find us. Pure joy.
    Now we have the ocean ...which is 30 minutes away.

    Sending you some Monday love....enjoy your sunshine...we are STILL waiting for ours.


  2. Heerlijk, ik heb dezelfde 'memories'...we woonden bij Kijkduin... beetje heimwee op een dag als vandaag, lieve groet

  3. Oh dearest, happy memories for me it is windy but very sunny and promising. I send you my deepest wishes for more enchanting moments of NEW MEMORIES MADE and lots of good food to accompany those new magical memories!!!! Anita

    What is your favorite Dutch treat?

  4. Hi Francis! Love your photo today!
    and your words... always hitting the nail on the head!
    so perfect... all we truly need is each other ♥
    such an important lesson to take through our whole life!
    *enjoy a lovely week dear ♥

  5. Goede are you today dear Francis? Anita