maandag 20 juni 2011


It was the brilliant , high ,
windless sky of early autumn.
The BLUE was paler
than the blue of summer
but not leached out ,
still positive and drenched in sunlight
as though treated
with a wash which was transparent
but full of minute gold flecks.
If you stared very long
the sky seemed to be pricked
with those tiny flecks of gold
which winked and glittered.
Robert Penn Warren
All the king's men.
To be a writer
and be able to
paint a colour with
I love that

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh how I love this thought today my friend....I love this IDEA! ANOTHER WRITING PROJECT FOR ME MY DEAR...and you....YOU TRY IT! What is your favorite color, my friend? TRY WRITING IN THAT COLOR...TRY IT FRANCIS!!!! LOVE TO YOU MIJN VRIENDIN, Anita

  2. Good morning sweet favorite colors are AQUA/TURQUOISE BLUE and I know what colors you enjoy......I do have something coming to you. Do you like faeries? What is your favorite object..FLOWERS? ANIMALS? FAERIES? Tell me dearest....Anita