maandag 13 juni 2011

* Take YOUR time *

I have had lots and lots and lots of time being at home and not being able to work .
In the beginning it was bad bad bad ... lots of pain and lots of not-being-able-to-let-go
I had to learn a lot ..... but TIME HEALS ...... and without all the doing-too-much
my life became much more at peace .....
I have learned so much about myself ..... things I lost and did not even know I lost them .
I still cannot walk and stand still , only for a very short time, but ......
I am so happy these days ...... Although the better I am .... mentally .... the more I miss my work
Next week I have my next appointment in the hospital .... see and hear what the ctscan shows.
But whatever the future brings's okay by me . I am so happy with my life right now .
So I wish you all a pretty basket full of TIME too .
Only ......just take a little part every day and don't do what I did .... Have a good time YOU all.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wise words sweet friend...we need to accept what will be. BUT I pray all will be well for you and you will have good news. Maybe you just need more time to heal...healing happens very slowly! Just enjoy the moment you are in right now...sending you oooooodles of love today...thinking about you my sweet friend...wish I could pop on over with a bunch of flowers and a pot of tea. HUGS

  2. Pas op de plaats moeten maken is niet leuk maar soms heel nuttig...terug naar jezelf en de basis. Als dat weer goed is kun je weer gaan opbouwen, succes en lieve groet

  3. I just love coming here, Francis! You have such a sweet heart ~ I can feel the tenderness just looking over at your photo with Eva ♥
    Your whole blog is just beautiful... the photographs and messages you have for us each time ~ like little golden morsels of goodness *
    The font you are using is so soft too ~
    Have a wonderful week* wishing you much joy*

    I'm glad I took my time visiting you ♥