zaterdag 18 juni 2011


always loved the
blue-white stripes.
a while ago
my friend Leontine
came by for coffee
and she had this big box
filled with straw
and things wrapped
in old newpapers.
for me , she said
you do like blue and white !
I was speechless
because there were all kinds of
kitchenware from
plates , bowls , cups-and-saucers
for coffee and for tea ,
cans , sugar-bowls ,
Can you imagen
I was
and still am
every day
wish you
sweet surprises

4 opmerkingen:

  1. GOEDE MORGEN FRANCIS!!! I adore this pottery ware from ENGLAND! And wat een heerlijke manier om je koffie te genieten!!!!

    DANK U VOOR your wonderful visit today my dear friend! Yes, you and I both would peruse the countryside of Provence eating our way through each village, stopping to pick the flowers, talking to the people and just stopping to breath in all the sweet-smelling lavender. And you are SO KIND AND HOSPITABLE MIJN VRIENDIN!!!

    I wish you a day filled by surprises beyond your imagination....Anita

  2. Oh my friend...pure joy...I have this set...oodles of it...I started collecting it when I first got married! It is all blue but would so love to get some of their pink and aqua pieces...pure JOY. I shall pull out my jug just like this today and think of you.
    Happy dayxoxxoo

  3. My sweet surprise today was being in your RRNotebook group :)
    I love your granddaughter, sweet as sugar she is, I hope to read a lot about her!