maandag 6 juni 2011

* Tradition *


My son and daughter-in-law

are having a busy time

being the parents of Eva

and having lots of visitors

all coming to meet little Eva .


In Holland it's tradition to



for all the visitors .



6 opmerkingen:

  1. What a precious time they are living right now. To welcome a new little life is magic and I love that they are cherishing it.

    Also love a tradition that involves a good cookie..! :)

    x Charlotta

  2. Whatever these are they look like my kinda treat!!! Pure delight my friend.
    Yes being a new parent is busy busy...I need to ask you if you live close to them? What joy that would be.
    How is baby Eva! I bet she is just love the new photo in your sidebar of the sweet family. xoxoxoxo HUGS and enjoy your sweet world today my dear friend.

  3. Eva is so precious Francis. Enjoy every minute.
    Thank you for coming by to tell me what inspires you? Can I put this in Belle? I will link back to your blog! I love what you wrote!
    Have a good week with little Eva!

  4. Hi Francis!
    Oh look at you! Beautiful new grandmother ~ lovely and lovingly looking upon a new generation!
    The cookie treats will be perfect ~ pink, white and delicious!
    Enjoy all the B*I*G - L*O*V*E of your family!
    I love that mug in your sidebar!
    *happy week to you*

  5. PRECIOUS ONE! I think you may have posted this when I was already in my classroom; I get up very early so I can catch everyone's new posts....but sometimes I miss them! Oh dearest, HOW IS THE LITTLE ANGEL? HOW IS GROETEMOEDER? (Oh dear, I think I mispelled that AGAIN!) How lovely that you have her in your lives....she is a darling little one and Francis, I am so happy for you! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME LIEVE VRIENDIN even though you too have a busy life!!! VEEL KUSJES, Anita

  6. thank you for visiting my little blog ... enjoy this precious family time with little Eva.