donderdag 16 juni 2011

time to muse

Beautifull rainy day
mister postman
delivered all
the pictures of
Love the internet !
order, pay and
wait .
My garden loves the rain
both having a good time.
Wish you all

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh yes... ordering online is the best!
    Your coffee cup photo is beautiful, Francis!
    I love it... the rain really makes it special!
    It's great you have joy on a rainy day*
    ~Enjoy Friday~

  2. Oh my sweet are not going to believe this..I used a random number generator to pick the name of my was #54! So I counted down 54 comments and you my friend are #54!!!! Pure joy! What luck and blessings. So you have won my Where Women Cook Magazine! I will send it in the mail as so as I can....our Canadian Post is now having a strike so as soon as it is over it will be mailed your way! Fingers crossed it does take long to get to you. xoxoxoxooxoxxoxo


  3. Oh, I missed this post! HOW IS THE LITTLE PRINCESS? Anita