donderdag 14 juli 2011

and summer sweetens all

 hello summer

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  1. It's gone missing here too, Francis! Hopefully she'll be back soon, but not with 35°C temperatures, I don't like those either :)

    PS: I'm so looking forward to your surprise to arrive :) But no chance today, because La Poste isn't working, it's the national day.

    I tried to fix my blog, but still can't figure out why following my blog isn't working for some, but working for others, and also it works with some browsers and gives an error with others. Please try again, maybe it will work this time. If not, I installed something that will make following by email possible. Let me know if something works for you finally :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. GOEDE MORGEN MIJN LIEVE VRIENDIN! Oh, we have had a lot of rain this summer too my friend....a lot...BUT we have been getting it at NIGHT! The days have been the best EVER. Oh you darling and wonderful person would ride your bike for ME???? That is all the sweeter....I love your photo is ever so sweet.

    I will go today as well to have my drawing copied to send off to YOU my dear one. What a lovely week it has been. How are you feeling? I had a terrible hip pain again Tuesday, but I stretched and it is all better now. I know that I injured my foot earlier this year and I think it may have thrown my hip out of alignment.


  3. Certainly not here today - clouds, wind and rain! Am sending sunny greetings!