zondag 10 juli 2011

happy SUNday

les enfants viennent
les enfants partent encore
puis ils reviennent
en coup de vent bavard
et les taches de rire restent .
My friend Barbara
lives in France again.
She gave me a handmade book
filled with PENS√ČES
as she calls them .
I love the language
today my sweet granddaughter
will come
of course with her sweet
mother and father
Happy SUNday

2 opmerkingen:

  1. My beautiful friend,

    TEEHEEE! I love your humor! I think my computer is like my heart...or at least I hope it is....it is filled and overflows with memories of sweet comments, correspondence and amazing discovers here and across the ocean....and it HAS caused me to do a happy dance!!!!! AND YOU must be doing one right now since the little one is coming to see you today!!!!!! I AM SO LATE here,I SLEPT IN! That does not happen too often. I SO LOVE THIS FRENCH QUOTE! Yes, the laughter that our loved ones make is what fills our homes with the memories and the spirit that never leaves us. HAVE A SPLENDID DAY MY DARLING FRIEND, Anita

    OH! I am having so much fun water colouring...do you paint?

  2. How is that little one doing today? I bet you have a huge smile on your face, playing with the little one....happy day my friend, Anita