woensdag 20 juli 2011

wish I was here

It's never too late
to be who you might have been
george eliot
no no no
this beautiful picture
is not in MY house .
today I am
clearing up
have a nice day !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh dear Francis,

    What a beautiful cabinet....you are cleaning today too? It is a perfect day for that! Do you want to see what I created yesterday? Go to my team blog that I share with the most magnificent friends:


    You will see what I created for my little theatre....your card is on its way...sending MAGIC your way dear..Anita

  2. Lovely cabinet, beautiful color.

  3. Such joy.....I am in love with this photo...I would love this to be a little corner of my home! Happy cleaning today...me too...lots to tackle! Hugs and love

  4. Hi Francis!
    What a darling cupboard ~ I love sweet little corners like that! I'm cleaning too ~ it's very hot here and it's nice to be indoors ~ no air conditioning, but cool fans ~ windows closed!
    Tonight, we will go for a walk, hoping for slightly cooler temps.
    Many blessings to you dear ♥

  5. Hi sweet one..just wanted you to know that your comment was left on my blog!!! Yahooooo.

  6. What a lovely blue cabinet! I would like to examine each cup, saucer and bowl closer, they look so pretty :)