maandag 4 juli 2011

Three days to have a chance

each friend
a world in us
a world
possibly not born
untill they arrive
and it is all
by this meeting
that a new world
is born
dear friends
if you want to take a chance
on my SURPRISE-give-away
three days to go

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohhhh, you know I have put my name in for it and I will again say PUT ME IN!!! Oh Francis, YOU GOT THE CASTLE??? ALREADY????? It usually takes so much time for mail to get to The Netherlands for I have such fabulous friends there...I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT! I drew that last year and have made several copies, then I glitter away!

    SO HAPPY YOU GOT IT DEAR FRANCIS....may all your dreams in the sky come down to you on earth and fill your life every day.

    VEEL KUSJES! Anita

  2. Dear Francis, your wonderful envelope came today - and put a BIG smile on my face! Such pretty wrapping paper - and your sweet card, and the gorgeous magazine for hip young mums - THANK YOU, dear one, i will have so much fun browsing the pages. So great a friend of yours works for that mag. I feel inspired - and hope ypur monday was lovely.
    Just saw your giveaway - how could i miss your last posts? Will have a look now!