vrijdag 1 juli 2011

SIX DAYS TO GO ......giveawaysurprise


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  1. FRANCIS!!!! First of all, were you having problems with BLOGGER? Oh, I am so fortunate so far that I have not encountered these problems for I know of TWO people so far that cannot even GET INTO THEIR OWN BLOGS! Is this what was happening to you?

    Dearest heart...I am with you in thought and heart during this time for you...but you are so wise to remember the joys...for LOVE NEVER PASSES AWAY.our flesh does, but our spirits are FREE as a BIRD....see my post if you ever have time titled Free as a Bird...I am so sorry to hear of both of your beloveds being gone....

    Look into Ava's eyes...you are fabulous..you will see the promises of the life that does go on and on...but never does it go on without us, WE who have made our mark! Look at the footsteps your moeder and zuster have made...you will smile, as I know you are doing.


    AND...I can't wait to see WHO WINS!!! Anita

  2. Hi Francis! I love your photos for the giveaway! So fun and filled with anticipation!
    After reading Anita's comment, I learned that moeder and zuster are mother and sister.
    My mother passed away almost 33 years ago, I miss her deeply. I don't know what I would do without my sister. She has been my mother, sister and best friend all this time ~ I love her dearly.
    Anita wrote such beautiful words to you ♥
    God bless you*

  3. Morning sweet friend. What was your day filled with? Hope Mr. Sunshine was included in it...we are celebrating Canada Day today...off to the parade we go. Red and White everywhere. xoxoxox HUGS