zondag 10 juli 2011

¥ ¥ ¥ E V A ¥ ¥ ¥


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    Dearest, she is ~*B E A U T I F U L*~

    I am so happy my friend that you are seeing the love that is flowing out of your beloved son for his girls...and this little wonder is so precious my friend! I bet you are one of the best grootmoeders around!

    I just adore her little smile!! I once read a study, a statistical study that said that in all the countries of the world, CHILDREN in the Netherlands were the happiest! Due to schools and family demographics and culture....I CAN SEE IT in all of you dear, wonderful and SPECIAL Dutch friends. WE love our kids too, but there is something beautiful that illuminates from you all....I wish you so much happiness EVERY DAY and I can't wait to see more pictures of this little angel....BIG HUGS TO YOU and EVA!


  2. So mooij little Eva in her pretty checks! Must be such joy to have a grandchild - you can show her all the good things in summer! Have a lovely day!

  3. Just checking in on little Eva and you! Having a fabulous day dearest? Anita

  4. Oooh what a lovely site to see this smile! AND I am sending YOU a little Dutch illustration of the little princess here...coming your way dearest....Anita

  5. Hi Francis!
    I'm back from my first two summer trips...
    Ahhhh a quiet sweet summer day is finally here.
    I have COMPLETELY loved my two trips... to see Jason and then this weekend we went to a family reunion {husband's family}
    today begins my summer {I must report to work on Thursday, but it's only a short car ride away}
    Your sweet little teeny tiny Eva is absolutely adorable. I'm sure you can't help yourself from kissing her all the while she's in your arms.
    I love how little babies curl their hands around things...even their own clothes. I also love the smell of their hair ~ that "fresh from Heaven" sweetness.

    I enjoyed your petite pensée from Barbara's book. So "parfaite"
    Thank you for continuing to 'teach' us in such gentle ways ♥ You still are a wonderful teacher
    I also LOVE your adorable card! I think I will find it a petite frame and place it near my computer to remind me of your kindness ♥

    Wishing you lots and lots of sweet moments with Eva.
    blessings and more blessings

  6. Oh my, what a cutie your granddaughter is! And I love the gingham fabric of her outfit and the red and white one on her little bed! Sweet!♥