vrijdag 23 november 2012


The book I ordered
arrived today.
My most favorite
writer Toon Tellegen
in English.

beautiful illustrations
by Jessica Ahlberg

I am enjoying
and reading
Hope you find
a favorite book

4 opmerkingen:

  1. It sounds a lovely story for you to enjoy. It will be fun to read it in English and spot the tricks ;).

    One description of the book says: "Thoughtful, reflective and tinged with humour, these stories star a squirrel, an ant and an elephant. What they and their friends get up to is enchanting. Jessica Ahlberg’s illustrations capture the magic perfectly."

    Wishing you a delightful and magical weekend,

    P.S. hoping you'll start sharing this with Eva as it seems a great story to raise children with.

  2. Good morning my dear heart! I am currently so busy with Etsy orders and a writing class that I am in at the moment, but a good book to me, on a snowy day like today, is a wish I will make upon a star. I hope to be done by Monday and maybe, just maybe, I will start a poetry book.

    How are you? Anita

  3. Hoi Frances,

    Ik moet bekennen dat ik nog nooit een boek van hem gelezen heb. Veel leesplezier toegewenst!

    Madelief x