zondag 18 november 2012

times are changing

Only four days ago
I posted
about Else
who lost her 
in a ski-accident
only 40 years young
father of her two boys
who are 
11 and 7 years young

Else was a kindergarten teacher
on waldorf school
before she was a mother
just like me.
I was a teacher
again and
her boys
 were both in my class
so I got to know her
as a loving mother
to her boys
but also 
to my class

me often with
self made gifts
Like you can see
on the picture above

She makes
the most beautiful things
and writes about it
 on her blog
She is an inspiration
to lots of dutch bloggers
but also to lots of 
mothers on our school.

and now
she lost
her LIEF 
as she calls him 
on her blog 

What I mean
now everyone
is on internet
and follows blogs
and facebook

a whole other way
to communicate
and to SHARE
often the good things
and sometimes
the very sad part  
of life

There are so many
who sympathise
with her
and leave comments
on both her blog and 

It's all much more
in the open now a days 

We have our lives
with family and friends
but we also share
with our friends
on blogs or facebook

and still
it's Else great lost
and her grieve

I cannot help
thinking of her
and her boys
all day


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning mijn lieve Francis,

    I was away from the computer yesterday, participating in my first art show.

    I agree with your that NOW we have so many ways to communicate ALL facets of life with each other and what would I do without the love of friends? I could not imagine.

    PLEASE GIVE HER A BIG HUG FROM ME if you see her, please? And I have one of those darling little elves myself; it was given to me by a European friend here in my city.

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU; I am sending you something, and I hope you like it my beloved one. Anita

  2. Oh yes, they're changing. But so many things remain the same. Just bigger I guess.

    The internet helps you reach and be reached by people you wouldn't have met otherwise. Which is nice. Great, in fact.

    It doesn't make miracles - you still have the good, the bad and the indiferent. And still allows you to choose what you want and need and what you don't.

    I love the times we live in. I like Internet - blog, facebook... And I feel blessed for being touched for so many kindred spirits through it. Like you, Sweet Francis.

    These kind of bonds make me feel happy. And when I feel sad because you are sad due to a friend of yours I've never met I feel blessed by that touch you manage in me. After you wrote about Else she too stayed in my mind and I feel blessed for being able to pray for her and her family.

    Soon, Dear Friend, their souls will start healing and Life will go on.

    Take Care, Precious!

  3. Lieve Francis,
    Wat een vreselijk bericht, ik hoorde het al van mn collegaatje in de winkel. Wat kan het leven toch hard zijn en waarom......
    Ik wens Else en haar zoons heel veel kracht en goeie mensen in haar omgeving.

  4. What a tragic story my friend...such a loss! We never know what lies ahead...only God does and so we must make each day so very special...filled with moments with love of family and friends....remembering to tell those dear ones we love them.
    Thank you for sharing...I will say a prayer for your sweet dear friend. xoxoxo