zondag 11 november 2012


Anne Morrow Lindbergh
shares her meditations
youth and age
love and marriage
peace , solitude and contentment
as she set them down
during a brief vacation 
by the sea.

Drawing inspiration
from the shells
on the shore
on the shape
of a woman's life
bring new understanding
to both 
men and woman
at any stage of life

What I love
about this book
Anne Morrow
is able to put in words
the search in her life
by looking at the shells

Pay attention
and look for 
your own surprises
read this inspiring book 

happy sunday


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    I was just downstairs in my workshop, gluing and painting and I was THINKING OF YOU! THEN I come upstairs to my computer to see that YOU have visited me!

    It is so much fun to hear that your dear Eva is growing so quickly and is starting to talk with you! How lucky she is to have you; when I was born, ALL of my grandparents had already passed away, except my maternal grandfather. In the writing YOUR MEMOIRS class that I am taking at the moment, we had to go back to our earliest memories. Mine is about my grandfather, but it is not a very loving memory! Each day you spend with Eva, I know she is getting so much love in return. Maybe one day she will write about her earliest memories at your home.

    ALL THOSE BIRTHDAYS IN DECEMBER? You are going to celebrate BIG MY DEAR!

    So good to see you, and I send you my fondest regards and love, Anita